What Makes this Shampoo so Special?

We've perfected the exact blend of oils needed to rejuvenate brittle hair. Through a combination of the latest Western science and the ancient wisdom of Chinese Qi-Gong, we've created a powerful cocktail of natural ingredients. This works to a standard that artificial products fail to achieve.

Hair is naturally beautiful. This 5-oil blend is specially designed to help this natural beauty shine through. In even the toughest conditions, these oils keep your hair hydrated and your roots healthier and stronger than ever.

Root Vitals Approach

Revitalizing Your Hair And Scalp

The ingredients are chosen to synergistically work together to increase effectiveness and to help revitalize and repair the hair and scalp. If your hair is brittle, you don’t just want something that will help fight this; your ultimate goal is to strengthen your hair, give it that rich, lush, thickening volume that makes you look better, and feed your head with nutrients that will improve your health and make you feel great. It all start with cleaning for your hair and scalp from all forms of dirt.

Increase Blood Circulation in Your Scalp

Nourishing and gentle this hair growth therapy shampoo starts at the scalp, with circulation promoting elements like Biotin and peppermint oil while helping create a PH balanced environment, working in harmony with a specially crafted blend of DHT blockers, and Hair strengtheners.

Bring Volume and Improve Hair Growth

The powerful fusion of the unique ingredients of Argon oil, Avocado oil, Tea tree oil, Peppermint oil, Sandalwood oil, Biotin, Apple stem cells, and other clinically proven ingredients is helping to promote hair growth and volume.

  • 4 min read
The most remarkable recent discovery, which is, of course, what the ancients already knew, are the numerous health benefits of sandalwood oil. It is now recognized as a direct therapeutic solution
  • 5 min read
Vitamin E is one of the most crucial fat-soluble vitamins and an important antioxidant which helps our body and hair in a number of ways.
  • 7 min read

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