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Root Vitals have made it our mission to create the best natural shampoo for everyday use — period.

To help you achieve full and lustrous hair, we scour the world for all-natural ingredients that are proven to nourish, revitalize, and repair hair. These include supercharged natural botanicals like Argan oil, that has been sought after by beauty aficionados since the time of the Pharaohs.

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The Best Natural Hair Products

If you care about your hair, you’ll know that daily washing can result in dry lifeless locks. This is because chemical parabens, sulfates, and artificial fragrances in shampoo, strip hair of protective oils. 

Root Vitals is wholly different. 

At Root Vitals, we take advantage of the beauty secrets of the past, to formulate a shampoo that intensely nourishes hair — even when you use Root Vitals daily. 

As we see it, our job is to help you look and feel incredible. This is why in place of toxic chemicals, we infuse our shampoo with 5 hair revitalizing essential oils. These include Argan oil, Avocado oil, and naturally healing Tea Tree oil. 


Organic and Natural Essential Oils

If you are shopping for truly organic and natural shampoo online, you’ve come to the right place. At Root Vitals, we use only  organic and natural ingredients in our 5-oil blend Vital Shampoo formula. More importantly, we source all of our essential oils from sustainable sources.

Bioactive Natural Ingredients

Natural essential oils like Argan oil are proven to intensely nourish the scalp, This results in less hair fall and beautifully full and lustrous hair. However, Root Vitals also contains other powerful bioactive ingredients like Apple Stem Cells, Vitamin E, and Biotin.   

No Artificial Chemicals

Root Vitals strives to be the best all-natural shampoo for everyday use. Because of this, we completely eliminate hair damaging artificial chemicals from our shampoo formula. - As it is, we prefer to use the power of nature to keep you looking fabulous!

No Animal Testing — Ever

Root Vitals isn’t just the best natural shampoo for everyday use currently on the market. As well as this, we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. This means that we never use animal ingredients or animal testing when formulating Root Vitals.

Make Everyday A Good Hair Day!

At Root Vitals, we harness the power of the world’s very best all-natural ingredients, to help hair shine with strength and vitality. Don’t just take our word on that, though. Try Root Vitals today to achieve radiantly alive, healthy-looking hair you'll love the natural feel of. 

Root Vitals are Natural Products for Everyday Use

We Know Because We Make it This Way

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