The Important Benefits of Avocado Oil for Your Hair

Important Benefits of Avocado Oil for Hair used as all natural hair products

Why is Avocado Oil so important for hair? What will it do for your hair? Why should you make sure to add a topical avocado oil treatment to your personal hair regimen? 

Once you look at Avocado Oil, you will understand why it really stands out. We live in a time of new understanding and appreciation for methods of helping increase the vitality of our bodies, including the strength, growth speed, and bountifulness of our hair.

That’s why natural and organic hair treatments such as avocado oil for hair have gained a lot of popularity lately. They are a great way to provide your hair with all it needs to be shiny and beautiful, while avoiding the harm that you find in the harsh chemicals found in traditional mass-market shampoos.

Many of the best of these new hair products contain avocado oil, and with a good reason. Avocado oil benefits for hair are bountiful and might be one of the best answers to all your hair’s problems…

What Exactly Is Avocado Oil?

For a variety of important reasons, avocado oil is one of the best skin and hair-loving natural ingredients, and one of the most essential oils. Avocado itself is considered to be a superfood with numerous benefits for your skin, hair, nails and entire body; the avocado is infused with nutrients and protein. It has also been used topically for hundreds of years in many beauty treatments, yet we are only just now beginning to fully take advantage of all the things avocado oil can do to benefit your life.

Avocado oil today is setting the pace for health-conscious, happier, better living, which is why you can find it in many contemporary skin and hair care products

Surprisingly, avocado oil is not derived from those giant avocado pits (i.e., the seeds), the way you’d see in, say, sunflower oil. Rather, avocado oil is made directly from the green, fleshy pulp that surrounds the pit.

We’ve long known that a single avocado contains over 20 vitamins and minerals, making it one of the most invigorating foods available. This also means that it makes a rich and nutrient dense, but lightweight oil that gets absorbed fairly easily.

As a moisturizing, soothing and restoring oil, avocado oil is often used to treat dry, damaged, and/or mature skin, as well as being generally good for dermatological health and improvement. You can find it in many lotions and moisturizers intended to replenish compromised skin barrier, calm inflammations and provide intense nourishment. It also make for an excellent hair oil. 

But its true value lies in the way it nourishes, restores and replenishes hair. Being one of the very few oils that can actually penetrate the hair shaft and nourish the strands from within, avocado oil is one of the most appreciated natural oils in the world of haircare, especially those who recognize the importance of strengthening their hair in a natural way and from within.

If your hair is brittle, dry, color-treated, or frizzy, then your best bet may be opting for hot avocado oil hair treatment. What it does is to seal your hair cuticles and protect your hair from getting damaged. The oil also moisturizes your hair and prevent oil residue building up on your scalp and hair. 

If you, too could, use a bit of all-natural hair and scalp help to maintain your tresses in a healthy and beautiful state, here are the 5 most important reasons why you should give avocado oil a try:

5 Benefits of Avocado Oil for Your Hair:

1. Avocado Oil provides hair with more nutrients than almost any source, including phytonutrients.

First things first – avocado oil is one the most moisturizing hair oils to be found anywhere. It is rich in monounsaturated fats and oleic acid, an important source of Omega 9. As mentioned, this means that, unlike most natural oils, avocado oil can actually get through to the follicle itself, penetrating the hair shaft and sinking in, instead of just sitting on the hair’s surface.

Most oils, even natural ones, affect only the look of your hair. Avocado oil is capable of actually affecting its form and function!

In addition to its nourishing lipids, organic, cold pressed avocado oil is also abundant in vitamins E, C and B, carotenoids, potassium, biotin, lecithin, chlorophyll and many other minerals, antioxidants and bioactive phytochemicals.

These are all very important for hair strength, health and growth. You can even feel the difference between well-nurtured hair, and energy-starved hair; just run your hand through your own hair to check it for yourself.

2. Avocado oil physically strengthens the hair itself

Given that high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, avocado oil is especially prized for the tensile and structural integrity it can bring to your hair, enhancing hair that’s in top shape, and reinforcing more fragile hair that otherwise easily breaks.

With regular use, avocado oil strengthens the hair follicle, minimizes breakage and maximizing resistance and fortitude. It even somewhat repairs existing damage to the hair, follicle, and scalp!

And most especially, if you often dye your hair or use heat-styling tools, you will love the effect of avocado oil on your head and your newly-vitalized hair! (In fact, if you do either or both of those things, you’ve probably come to expect your hair to be dry and perhaps more lifeless than you would want. But you don’t have to be resigned to lifeless hair when you can have great hair!

Avocado oil can help you restore your hair’s internal health as well as your hair’s healthy appearance, make it strong and flexible and improving its resilience to daily challenges.

3. Avocado oil improves the vibrant, thick, lush appearance of your hair

If your hair has been looking dull, dry and limp lately, if you’ve been experiencing inert or weakened hair lately, avocado oil can revitalize it and bring it back to life in no time. This oil acts as a natural hair pack and conditioner all in one, supplying not just the “hair food”, but also the internal fortitude so essential to having a really healthy scalp and follicles. It can help you improve not only your hair’s health, but also the way it looks and feels, which energizes you both physically and psychologically.

Products with avocado oil soften the hair and make it silky smooth and shiny, adding the healthy gloss which, evolutionarily, conveys desirability and vigor. They can help you get rid of frizz, manage dryness, detangle your strands, and generally make your hair more manageable and enhance the styling.

Avocado oil is essential for fantastic hair health, and if you care about having the hair you want, you need to give it the sustenance it needs and deserves, just as the rest of your body will function at its best with proper nutrition.

4. Protects your critical individual strands against damage from multiple dangers

Your hair is constantly exposed to many things which can decrease its health and even halt its growth altogether. For example, harsh styling techniques can force your hair into a specific shape or look, but might do so at the expense of your hair’s natural health.

Does that mean you can’t look the way you want? No! You just need to make sure that your hair is protected in other ways, including proper use of avocado oil in your shampoo. 

Likewise, it’s important to take into account, free radicals, pollutants and other environmental aggressors. We know the sun dries out your skin; well, it also dries out your scalp, and thus your follicles! 

In time, this kind of negative exposure makes your hair dry, brittle, thin and weak. That is why using hair oils that contain lots of protective antioxidants is very important if you want to have great hair even in the face of modern environmental and social pressures.

Coating your hair with a thin layer of avocado oil as a hair oil can help you protect it against the damage and maintain its hydration level and elasticity, as well as providing internal fortitude and root vitality. In addition to using hair products that contain it, you can also apply a small amount of pure avocado oil to your damp hair, before blow drying and styling it.

5. Avocado oil nourishes the scalp 

Avocado oil is a popular component of all sorts of scalp treatments. Like every other kind of oil, some people are concerned that it can make your hair roots look greasy if you leave it in your hair. However, as long as you choose a good cleaning product with treatments that are meant to be washed out, avocado oil shampoo can be suitable even for people with oily hair.

Avocado oil provides the scalp with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats necessary for its optimal functioning. This oil can help you prevent and treat dandruff, soothe dry, itchy scalp and even strengthen your hair follicles. In time, this reflects to your whole hair’s health and appearance and you may even find it enhances the hair growth.

If you’re looking to increase your hair’s strength, improve its look, and improve and augment your health and happiness from the top down, you should look to all-natural products which avoid hair-harming chemicals and contain hair-feeding, life-affirming avocado oil. You want to put the right nutrients in your body—don’t forget to put the right nutrients on your body, as well!

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