Argan Oil for hair - All you need to know

Argon oil for hair When you meet your friends and family or even strangers, the first thing that comes to notice is your hair. A good looking and healthy hair contribute a lot in giving you that perfect look that every girl desires. Haircare products are increasing in number every day, and only some of them can make your hair better looking and healthier - argan oil being one of the most popular ones.

Argan oil has a lot to offer and it is an extraction from the Moroccan argan tree kernels. Argan oil is also known as the liquid gold and it has been commonly used for many centuries in cooking and also as a beauty, hair, and health remedy. Argan oil is now used in many skincare and hair products also.

There is no doubt that argan oil has shown several benefits when it was applied to the skin or hair for a considerable period of time. There is more to argan oil which you do not know and so, we have compiled all you need to know about the ingredients, benefits, what it does to your hair and how it is to be used -


Ingredients and Benefits

Naturally, argan oil is quite rich in antioxidants and various nutrients. And thus, it provides both internal and external benefits. It can also be used for cooking, dressing your salad, or as a dip.

It can be used to moisturize your skin or hair and it reduces skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff. It also minimizes stretch marks.

The vital ingredients used in argan oil are Vitamin E or Tocopherol, important fatty acids such as linoleic and oleic acids, polyphenol, and squalene.

Vitamin E is a strong anti-oxidant. This fat-soluble vitamin is present in several foods and oils. Argan oil is richer in vitamin E compared to olive oil, almost by 300 percent.

Coming to the argan oil benefits of argan oil for hair, it mainly protects your precious hair against excessive hair loss.


  • Moisturizes your hair and reduces hair conditions


Argan oil is rich in fatty acids such as linoleic and oleic acids that act as excellent lubricants for your hair shaft and considerably moisturize your hair.

This oil also contains vitamin E that prevents your hair from being dry and fizzy and boosts shine.


  • Improves the health of your scalp


Argan oil contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which are extremely healthy for your hair and skin. It improves and also prevents skin conditions, especially those that affect your scalp too and may cause hair loss. Some of the scalp conditions are seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Argan oil can also be used to treat dandruff problems and yeast-like fungus problems on the scalp.


  • Prevents coloring and styling damage


There are medium-chain fatty acids present in argan oil that protects your hair from damage that may occur from frequent hair styling, coloring or washing.

Extensive research was conducted which showed that argan oil treatment adds a layer of protection to your hair, improving your hair quality and protecting it from breakage, especially if you are introducing heat to your hair while styling.

Argan oil treatment also reduces split ends, resulting in healthier and thicker-looking hair. A study found that this oil also reduces coloring damaged.


  • Sun protection


Argan oil is not a new addition to hair and skin products. It has been used by the women of Moroccan for centuries for the protection of their skin from the sun. The antioxidants present in argan oil protects the skin from damage by free radicals from the sun. The same benefit applies to your hair by preventing it from drying and damages caused by ultraviolet rays.


  • Hair loss


Though there is no significant evidence that supports the fact that argan oil helps in reducing hair loss, it has definite proven benefits for both the scalp and hair. It prevents your hair from damages, breakage, and also hair loss. Vitamin E which is abundantly present in this oil improves hair growth.


How is Argan Oil used?

If you want to reap the multiple benefits that argan oil has to offer, there are several ways of doing it -


Hair mask -

You can make your hair mask with argan oil. Take pure argan oil and combine it with nourishing ingredients such as castor oil or coconut oil.

Take around 8 to ten drops of argan oil and use your hands to massage it into your scalp and hair. If you have long hair, you may require more oil, so adjust it based on your hair length. Continue massaging for about 10 minutes, make sure that you cover your hair right from the ends to the roots.


Leave your oily hair wrapped in a towel overnight and wash it off the next day.



your hair with an argan oil shampoo or you can make it on your own -

Just add 1 or 2 drops of argan oil to your regular shampoo. Rub the mixture with your hands till it is completely mixed. Do the usual shampooing process and repeat it at least twice a week to get faster results.

Do not forget to use the leave-in conditioner once shampooing is done. You may use your argan oil as a ready-made leave-in conditioner. It helps in reducing breakage from styling and combing.

You may also make use of argan oil as your styling product to manage your hair and also tone down the fizziness.

Squeeze 1 or 2 drops of the oil in your palms and rub it together. Apply the oil to your clean and dry hair. Do not massage it onto your scalp. There you go, now you can style the way you want.



All in all, the benefits of using argan oil are many, be it for the skin, hair, or your health. But keep in mind that argan oil is the most effective if you are using it in the pure form. It is quite an expensive oil which is why most manufacturers use it in small quantities in different skin and hair products. This does not offer any health or cosmetic benefits.

Use only those products that have 100 percent pure argan oil from reputed manufacturers.





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