Sandalwood oil - Benefits and uses

Sandalwood oil for hair

If you want healthy and shiny hair, you have to use the right products that can improve the blood flow towards the scalp. Most of the products that are capable of doing it are extremely expensive. One of these high-value products is sandalwood oil for hair. People were using sandalwood oil in Indian medicines for centuries. Mostly products have sandalwood oil as the main ingredient. 

What is Sandalwood oil?

You can get this oil from the plant named Santalum album. These trees are available on Indian and African continents. You can get it from the roots and bark of the tree. Companies are using special pressing machines to get the oil-like substance called the sandalwood oil. The main components of the sandalwood oil are alcohol-based compounds. Oil should contain more than 90% of the alcohol components to be called pure. The oil was available in the past due to high supply. Now, there is less supply of sandalwood oil. Synthetic products are available in the market because of that. Only the expensive and premium products use it as a component.

How Sandalwood oil works

Sandalwood oil work because of many alkaloid and alcohol-based components. The oil can penetrate the scalp and reach the blood supply. It can also go inside the blood circulation by the inhalation method. The human body contains the receptors for the compounds present in the sandalwood oil. These compounds will go inside the body and activate these receptors to produce biological responses.

Method of use of Sandalwood oil ingredient

If you want to use anything, you have to know about the method of use. Without the proper method of using, it is hard to get the full effects of a product. You can use this oil in aromatherapy, massage therapy, and combination with other products.


Aromatherapy is a way of getting the medicinal compounds absorbed in the body using the aroma. You can add the sandalwood oil to the humidifier or other mist producing machines. The mist will go to all body parts through the lungs. The compounds inside the mist can directly go to the bloodstream and produce biological effects. When the oil reaches your lungs, it will go towards the alveoli. These parts of the lungs have high blood circulation. It will be easy to reach other organs.


Sandalwood oil can penetrate the skin and reached deep tissues. A few drops of the oil can be taken and massaged at the site of inflammation. You can also message it at the places where you want to increase the blood supply. You can use the sandalwood oil alone or in combination with other products to massage certain parts of the body. Some people like to heat the oil before massage therapy. Some experts believe that warm oil can penetrate the skin in a better way.

Combination products

We can also combine sandalwood oil with other products like creams and shampoos. Shampoos are particularly important in the case of the sandalwood oil. The oil can penetrate inside the scalp to increase the blood supply towards the hair. A lot of combination products are available in the market. It is important to know that the products that you are buying have genuine sandalwood oil. We ensure that all the ingredients present in our hair care products are genuine. If a product has written sandalwood oil scent or perfume, there are chances that they are not using the original ingredient. 

Sandalwood oil benefits

Other than hair care, there are a lot of sandalwood oil benefits. It was used in making many types of Indian medicines. A lot of scientific studies have also found that this oil is capable of doing wonders in healthcare. Some of the common advantages of using this oil are explained here.

Mental health

Mental health problems are common these days because of stressful environments. When a person goes to work, he is going to face a lot of stressful situations. If a person is having mental health issues, he can use aromatherapy to get rid of these issues. Some scientists have checked the effect of sandalwood oil aromatherapy on mental health conditions. They find that this oil is capable of decreasing depression and anxiety. It can also stimulate the brain to remember things and improve memory.

Organ health

A lot of organs like the heart, lungs, and liver can lose their functions slowly because of aging and other environmental factors. If you use this oil in aromatherapy or massage therapy, you can repair the damages to these organs. This oil is capable of improving health by improving the function of certain organs.


The most important sandalwood oil benefits are related to the improvement of hair. It is used in the hair care industry for centuries. It was hidden from the modern world because big companies are not focusing on alternate ways of improving the hair. Most of the hair care products contain synthetic components. Massaging the sandalwood oil on the scalp or using it in the form of a shampoo combination can be beneficial for your hair. Sandalwood oil for hair can increase the length of hair as well as thickness. We can say that if someone wants silky and smooth hair, she should use the shampoo with sandalwood oil for hair.

Muscle health

The muscles are an important part of the body because they help in movement. Due to fatigue, the muscles can become sore. You can use the sandalwood oil to massage the areas with the inflammation. It will help the muscles get rid of fatigue and soreness. People can use it to relieve joint pain in arthritis. It is extremely beneficial for the old age people as arthritis is common among them.

Skin conditions

A lot of skin conditions like allergy and illness of skin can be treated using sandalwood oil. Wound healing can become slow due to some health conditions like diabetes. This oil can improve wound healing because it promotes blood circulation to a specific area of the skin. People add sandalwood oil to the bath to help the skin glow.


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