How to Detangle Your Hair the Right Way?

Detangle your hair from end to root the right way

Every man and woman in the world has probably experienced at least once that she can't comb that boring, intricate part of her hair, also known as a knot. You tried everything to detangle your hair, and it's still tangled and messy? No worries, because we prepared some fantastic tips and tricks to help you deal with those endless tangles.

But before we move on to the tips, let's see what causes hair knots.

What Causes Hair Tangling?

As you probably already know, a hair knot forms when two single strands wrap around each other. The main issue occurs when it happens to a couple of strands. Yes, that is an absolute nightmare. Unlike silky hair, which is not prone to tangles (but there are always exceptions), textured or damaged hair is more exposed to knots. The main culprits are usually as follow:

Wrong choice of hair care products and their incorrect use;

  • Improper hair care;
  • Rubbing hair with a towel for hours;
  • Massaging hair too hard;
  • Nervous combing;
  • Overbrushing;
  • Not brushing your hair regularly;
  • Split ends;
  • Sleeping with your hair down.

How to Detangle Hair?

1.Treat Your Hair from End to Root

The first step is to divide your hair into smaller sections to detangle it easier. The best way to get rid of the knots is to start from the end of your hair. If you start from the root, you will move down knots to your ends while brushing, and it may cause hair friction and damage. This method minimizes damage, reduces pain, and will undoubtedly bring your hair back into its original state. So, once you have unraveled ends, then gently switch to the root of the hair. This is seen as the proper way.

2.Your Fingers, Your Best Tool

There exist a few fantastic tools that can help you detangle your hair efficiently:

You can feel the tricky tangles under your fingers, so why not use them to detangle your hair?

If you feel uncomfortable doing it this way, there is another excellent instrument to help you out - a wide-tooth comb. Unlike the traditional one, it won't pull your hair aggressively while combing.

The third great aid is a wet comb specifically designed for tangled hair. It will help you treat your hair gently, and soon you will have beautiful hair without those stubborn snarls!

3.Take Your Time

Next tip: don't make sudden, nervous movements, no matter how hard it sounds. Your hair needs attention and proper care, just like any other part of your body. Be patient, and treat your hair as if it were your most significant treasure because your hair deserves it!

4.Get Your Hair Slightly Wet

Don't think that only color-treated hair gets tangled! Every hair type can get tangled, and as already mentioned above, the causes may vary. The most important thing to remember is to access that annoying knot the right way. One of the methods that will help you out is undoubtedly dampened hair.

Wet hair is more stretchy and easier for you to detangle. If you don't have much time, then the best and easiest solution is water. Another very effective way to get rid of the knots is spritzing on a detangling spray. Your hair will immediately become softer and easier to comb.

You can buy one already prepared, or you can make your detangling solution by mixing one-half conditioner with one-half distilled water.

If your knots are very persistent and none of this works, then you can apply conditioner directly to the tangled part of the hair and rub it into the knot for a few minutes. This method should work!

5.Don't Forget to Utilize a Conditioner

No matter what hair type you have, you should always use a conditioner when shampooing your hair with natural shampoo. Do not apply it to the roots if you intend to make your hair less greasy. Instead, focus on the part around the ears and the ends. That's how your hair will always look shiny, healthy, and over time will become snarl-resistant!

6.Deep Treat Your Hair

Sometimes, the conditioner is not enough, so you should deep treat your hair at least once a month. Find a hair mask and hair oil that best suits your hair type, apply it to the hair, and follow the instructions carefully for better results. For example, mineral oils can be the right solution to detangle your hair effectively. Not only are they odorless and colorless, but they also act like the antistatic and are one of the most successful ways to get rid of the knots. With the perfect hair care product, you will keep your hair away from the tricky tangles!

7.Go to the Hairdresser Regularly

Regularly seeing your stylist is one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy. Splitting parts of the hair often lead to knots formation, so a regular visit to the Hairdresser means a lot to your hair. Even if they make small changes to your hair, say shorten your ends, your hair will be grateful, and you will reduce tangling chances.

8.Pick Your Clothes Carefully

Maybe you didn't expect to hear this, but yes, the materials you wear can also create snarls on your hair. The choice of a wardrobe also affects the beauty of your hair. High-collared shirts and coats, scarfs, and everything that comes into contact with your hair could cause creating knots. To avoid any uncomfortable situation and keep your hair from breakage, it's best to make a suitable hairstyle. These are a ponytail, a bun, a braid that goes to the side, or anything you see fit.

9.Follow These Steps for Healthy Hair

So, if you were wondering how to detangle hair, just follow the above steps carefully, and the results will be visible immediately! And don't forget to treat your hair like you treat any other part of the body. Take your time and dedicate it to your hair until proper hair care such as knowing how much shampoo to use becomes an inseparable part of your daily routine. Once your hair recovers and shines again, you will be more satisfied, and your hair will be grateful to you!

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