Best treatment options to Treat Dry Brittle hair

Best treatment options to treat dry brittle hair

The kind of subjects that come up very often is things like hair treatments for damaged hair and the best hair treatments for hair loss. The question is how you identify it and what you can do to prevent it in the first place.

Our hair and our nails in particular are really a direct reflection of what is going on either in our body or externally you have any damage or any distress in the tips of your nails or in the tips of your hair.

This actually gives us an idea, as the mythologist that you may be exposing your nails or your hair to external factors which are causing damage to it.

You have dry brittle hair and you suspect that this might be something going on internally you may really want to have yourself evaluated by your physician, because there are medical conditions that can cause dry brittle hair.

One of them that is the most common is low thyroid level what’s called hypothyroid and it is treatable condition.

So, the best suggestion we can make is to see your doctor.

How do we prevent dry hair?

In the first place the shorter your hair is the less likely it is to become dry and brittle because it’s not been around for a long time. Certainly, those hairs that’s been around down here been for a lot longer and has been exposed to much more heat and dry climate fly and iron and curling iron and all the sorts of stuff.

It is certainly more common in us with long hair, and we see it mostly in the bottom parts of our hair as a split end. One of the ways that we could prevent dry hair is to really try to put the shield back this cuticle creates.

You can try to look for some products with dimethicone in it, that’s sorts coat your hair shaft and really helps to protect it so that moisture doesn’t escape.

Many of us think that washing your hair more you know it gets kind of that squeaky kind of feeling or that bounce to it looks really healthy. Well that actually dries your hair out more and is not the best hair treatment.

So, really try not to use heavy soaps and shampoos to wash your hair and minimize excess of washing. Don’t wash your hair every day, every wash hair every other every third and really condition it that’s a very important step to really keep the moisture in your hair but you don’t have to spend a lot of money on conditioners.

There are a lot of at home products or things you can find in your pantry to put moisture back in your hair.

Look for any of those really oily products like coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado, egg, butter, olive oil. and vitamin E. All these things are really moisturizing and they can really help to retail the moisture in your hair.

How to treat dry and damaged permed hair

How to treat dry and damaged permed hair?

One simple natural way to do this is a hot oil treatment and you can use just about any oil.

Olive oil is a good choice, it’s very deeply moisturizing and nourishing and coconut oil is another wonderful choice has a wonderful fragrance and it’s so simple. You basically take whichever oil that you want to choose.

How to make the oils ready to apply?

  • Pouring just a little bit oil into a glass container
  • Boil some water and once the water is boiling you want to remove it from the heat and place your glass container of your selected oil into the heated water.
  • Just let it set until the oil gets heated five or ten minutes.

Apply it to cleanly wash damp hair you want to wrap either a shower cap or even if you have saran wrap in your pantry around to hold in the oil and the heat, and then wrap towel your head and just relax for about 15 minutes.

Let the oil do its work, afterwards go ahead and remove the towel and the shower cap and lightly shampoo your hair to remove the excess oils and that is how you treat dry and damaged permed hair.

Trim your hair more often.

About many people who already have split ends are a little fearful of cutting their hair as a way to take care of hair treatment at home. The important thing is actually to cut your hair when you have split ends, if you allow them to stay, they will slowly move up your hair and really extend.

So, the damage will get bigger, and if you’re really kind of apprehensive about cutting your hair in the first place, just try to trim it every now and then, just trim it more often than usual, just take a little bit off here and there and that will help to maintain the health of your hair.

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