How to Grow Your Hair Faster

how to grow hair faster with top hair growth tips

There are a plethora of factors, including hair growth products that affect the rate that our hair grows. Some of these factors are uncontrollable, such as age, genetics, and hormonal changes. Other factors such as stress, diet, hair care, and hair health can be modified to increase the rate of hair growth in a short time.

Hair Growth Tips That Work










If you are fighting with frizzy, unmanageable, dry hair that is continuously breaking instead of growing, then more than likely you are dealing with unhealthy hair.

Here you will learn "how hair grow faster" and healthier when you make small changes in the lifestyle and care of your hair.

Knowing What Your Hair Needs











Hormonal changes, hair type and texture, and your age determine what your hair needs. A lot of products on the market are stripping your hair of its natural oils that moisturize your hair and encourage hair growth. Let’s not forget about stress, menopause, or pregnancy either, here are some ways that you can handle life’s curveballs and grow your hair faster.

Manage your stress











Did you know that stress does more than take a toll on your body? Stress can affect the condition of your hair and the rate that it grows. Have you ever noticed that when you are more stressed you lose more hair? Determine what is causing you stress and find ways to manage that stress for the sake of your hair.

Get rid of damaged or split ends hair growth tips










Cutting and trimming your hair regularly is a topic that many stylists debate over. Some will tell you that you need to get trims regularly to stimulate hair growth. Other stylists will tell you that it slows down your hair growth. This would be the last thing you want to hear when you want to learn how fast does hair grow. 

What both sides agree on is getting rid of damaged or split ends. If you don’t treat your damaged or split ends, your hair will become weak and brittle causing it to break off. To prevent this, you should make sure that you are treating your split ends and getting rid of them to keep your hair healthy and growing.

Address the condition and health of your hair and scalp

If your hair is dry, breaking off, thinning out, or appears “fried”, you need to address these issues. You need to style and care for your hair and scalp before you experience additional hair loss, rather than faster hair growth.

How do you do this? Good question. Below you will find ways to handle the condition of your scalp and hair to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Put down those heating elements










Do you feel as if you can’t live without your blow dryer, flat iron, and/or curling iron? I am sure you are already aware of the damage that excessive heat does to your hair. Not only does it make it weak and brittle, but you are damaging the roots of your hair when exposing your scalp to heat.

If you can’t avoid using these types of styling tools in your hair, you should consider precautionary solutions to protect your hair. Hairstylists recommend that you use your hot styling tools on a low setting and apply a heat protectant in your hair when styling it.

You should also consider reducing how often to use these styling tools. If you are just hanging out around the house, there’s no need to plug in the flat iron. Give your hair a day off from the heat. Use a lightweight towel to dry your hair faster and reduce the amount of time that you use your blow dryer.

Avoid washing your hair every day 








More often than not you will hear women say that they HAVE to wash their hair every day because it gets oily or greasy and it’s hard to style. What you are doing is stripping your hair of natural oils and weakening the hair follicles.

Try washing your hair every other day or have designated shampoo days once or twice a week. In between washes opt for a co-wash. This will help hydrate your hair and help strengthen the hair shaft.

Take care of your scalp hair growth tips








Oftentimes, too much attention is placed on the tresses and neglecting the scalp. When your scalp is unhealthy your hair will not grow. Just like our bodies, our scalp needs oxygen and circulation to stay healthy.

When you are treating your hair make sure to treat your scalp. This includes using hair and scalp masks, scrubs, and conditioning treatments, to stimulate the scalp.

Rotate your hair accessories

Paying attention to what we put in our hair is inclusive of the types of hair accessories that we use. When you are consistently tying your hair up with elastic hair ties or using elastic headbands to pull your hair back, your hair tends to break off. If a ponytail or updo is your go-to hairstyle, alternate between using hair ties, bobby pins, claw clips.

Avoid harsh and abrasive chemicals and hair products















I can’t reiterate enough how harsh and abrasive chemicals and hair products damage your hair and scalp. This includes bleaching, perming, relaxing, and dying your hair. If you are consistently using these chemicals in your hair, you are preventing your scalp and hair from getting oxygen which prevents circulation moving through your hair and scalp.

Brush your hair daily

Brushing your hair once a day helps to massage your scalp. It will also get rid of dead skin cells in your hair that can build up on your scalp.

Use cold water on your hair

For the ladies that dye their hair regularly, you know that rinsing your hair in cold water prevents the color from fading. It is also good for strengthening your hair because it helps to retain moisture and reduces heat damage.

Change your pillowcase

Swap out your current pillowcase for a silk pillowcase to protect your hair while you sleep.

Eat healthily and drink more water 

You Are What You Eat

This is something that you hear when you’re trying to lose weight or wondering why your face is breaking out. But did you know that your hair is affected by what you eat? If you eat a lot of sugar, refined foods, or processed foods, your hair isn’t getting the nutrients it needs to encourage hair growth. Your hair needs nutrients and hydration to grow, just like your body needs it to function properly.










Drinking more water, eating right, and taking vitamin supplements will help treat your hair right. Your hair and body need the following nutrients:

  • Biotin
  • Fish oil
  • Iron
  • Omega-3 and fatty acids
  • Vitamins C, B, and D
  • Niacin
  • Zinc

Incorporate foods containing these nutrients into your diet. If you aren’t able to get all these nutrients from your diet, take a supplement or vitamin to ensure that you are getting the proper nutrients.

Refresh, Rejuvenate, Revitalize

Now that you know what your hair needs, you need to know how to refresh, rejuvenate, and revitalize your hair. The 3 R’s is the secret of how hair grows faster, thicker, healthier, and stronger.

How do you refresh, rejuvenate, and revitalize?

It’s simple....

Root Vitals Shampoo














Everything begins at the root, including healthy hair. The ingredients in this sulfate-free shampoo are all-natural and the 5-essential oil blend is vital to encourage healthy roots.

The misconception that the more suds the cleaner and healthier your hair will be is far from the truth. The more suds you have when shampooing your hair equates to a lot of sulfate in your shampoo. Sulfate is an ingredient used in most shampoos on the market that will strip your hair of the nutrients your hair needs.

ROOT VITALS SHAMPOO is an all-natural blend of the essential oils your hair and roots crave and need to produce long, luscious, and healthy locks.

What is in this patented oil blend shampoo?

Here is a look at the ingredients you will find in Root Vitals Shampoo, and how these ingredients help you to know how to grow hair faster.

The oils

ARGAN OIL- Adds shine while stimulating the scalp and increasing circulation to promote hair growth.

AVOCADO OIL- This provides the source of Omega-6 and vitamins B, C, and E your hair and scalp need to grow healthy strong hair.

PEPPERMINT OIL- This ingredient aids in the prevention of hair loss, helps with circulation and revitalizes your scalp with a refreshed feeling.

SANDALWOOD OIL- This oil gives your hair and scalp the deep cleaning needed to nourish your hair, and remove the toxins from the follicles for healthy and strong hair.

TEA TREE OIL- Tea tree oil is known to be a component that is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to remove dead skin and build up for a healthy scalp.

The following ingredients when combined will promote collagen production, improve hair growth, smooth split ends, and improve the condition of your scalp.

  • Apple stem cells

  • Biotin

  • Vitamin E

  • Copper Tripeptide

If you care about the health of your scalp and tresses, then grab a bottle of our Root Vitals shampoo. This shampoo is the key to unlock what your hair and scalp have been missing. Try Now


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