DIY Hair Mask only 3 Natural Ingredients

DIY Hair Mask only 3 Natural Ingredients

There is a frequently asking question "Can I really fix my damaged hair?". What is meant by damaged? Damaged means severely damaged from either heat or either from chemicals, like your hair got really damaged from perming, rebounding, leaching, and also split ends are not on the bottom part of your hair, but its actually all over your hair or in the mid part of hair.

The answer to that is a yes and no at the same time.

Damaged Hair

Yes, because there are a lot of products these days that can make your hair appear and look healthy, and also it can make your hair feel soft and smooth if your hair has been dried out from let’s say bleaching or perming. There are also some certain oils like coconuts oil that can help temporarily seal back your split ends. And not only that those DIY hair masks and those all of those hair products can actually prevent your hair from further more damage or from future damage or from breakage, that is the function of those products in the DIYs. So basically, you can mask off the damage by applying those things on your hair.

The No because our hair is actually just dead Keratin, just as our nails are. Our nails and our hair don’t really have an ability to self-healing. Let’s say the lower part of your hair damaged. Yes! you can bring it back to life by you know making it appear and in making it feeling like healthy again. However, you can’t restore your hair back to its original state especially if you bleached it.

3 Ingredients DIY Mask (Natural)

From styling to color processing, we put our hair through a lot, and as a result we are left with lifeless damaged hair. So Now let’s see how to make the ultimate hair mask for super healthy hair. This natural hair mask contains the ultimate ingredients that will not only repair the hair but it will also help to strengthen your hair and add some shine.

For this natural hair mask. we are going to need:

  • 2 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 2 table spoon of olive oil
  • 1 egg

if you have normal to dry hair then recommendation is using the entire egg but if your hair is more on the oily side then you want the skip yolk and use the egg white only.  

Hair is mostly made up of protein, and eggs have a high amount of it. That’s why it couldn’t be left out of the ultimate hair mask. The protein and the eggs help to nourish and repair damaged hair follicles and also promotes hair growth. The fatty acids in the yolk helps to strengthen and thicken the hair, while the egg white restore softness and adds natural shine to dull looking hair, and if you’re a fan of natural remedies, then its sure you’re familiar with all the amazing benefits of coconut oil, its deep conditioning properties helps to nurture and rebuild the hair and also prevent breakage. Another great benefit of coconut oil is that it stimulates hair growth and remember to warm up the oil using the double boiler method before adding it to the mixture

Olive oil is also another best natural hair conditioner. It really helps to coat the hair shaft giving it a smooth and healthy appearance. It also has lots of antioxidants and nutrients to keep our scalp in healthy shape. So, with some of the ingredients together, mix it until you get a smooth consistence and now it’s ready to apply.

Before applying any hair mask, you should slightly dampen your hair because It will feel you like the mask applies the better that way and then brush it all out and then begin applying the mask.

Remember to concentrate more on the ends because this is the most fragile part of the hair. So, it definitely needs more attention.


You can also spend a little time massaging it into your scalp to really stimulate hair growth.

Once your hair is all covered in the mask, twist it into a bun and then cover your hair with a plastic bag, this will help to create heat, so the mask can really soak into the hair.


Leave it in for 45 minutes, and then step into the shower and shampoo your hair thoroughly to make sure the mask washes out completely, and then end with your conditioner. Your hair will be very soft and shiny afterwards.


Still Not Positive result?

If you think you have done almost every single thing with your damaged hair and nothing has really helped you. Actually, It really depends on how your hair damaged because some of you have been thinking  I did hair mask and it really helped my damage hair that’s a great thing if the DIY hair mask or the product still responds to your damaged hair then that’s great but if you have tried every single DIYs but nothing has really helped your hair, so this could be the reason.

Now the only solution which is the solution that most of the people don’t really want to hear is to simply just get rid of damage of your hair.

Now you’re thinking that what should I do with my damaged hair? Should I just cut it? Should I just keep it?

Some of you don’t really like to cut your hair so what you can do is you can just grow up your hair and then just trim your damaged hair gradually. Off course you don’t have to do it all at once.

So, if you’re in the process or if you’re in the state to where your hair is really damaged having a really good hair care routine is going to help you. yes, keep on doing the air mask the DIY hair mask they are so going to help your hair. You’re going to sustain your hair and keeping it from getting even more damaged while you are growing out your hair.

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